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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Performance, training, and now traveling

When I first started this blog, I wanted to mirror the focus on the performance and training of the Cycling Performance Tips website.  But another passion of mine that has grown over the years is cycling around the US (initially) and then overseas.  Traveling on a bike is a great way to see places I have always read about with a depth that is missed while riding in or driving a car, while at the same time covering more ground than on a walking trip.  I have had many experiences of taking a break or fixing a flat where someone will walk over and start up a conversation. I remember one time in a small Italian hill town where a couple of fellows walked over and started the conversation asking about my bike and then we moved on to their trips to the US. Or a time in France when I was taking a break and an elderly man walked over and we communicated only with gestures and a map as a way to discuss where I had come from/and was going. That never would happen on a bus tour or car trip.

Now it is Spring and time to think about new places to ride this year. As I work through the logistics - looking at places that are bike friendly, timing and other aspects of planning, and ultimately traveling it seemed a nice series of good short subjects for my blog (with more detail on wwwcptips).

To keep things clean - training/performance versus traveling - I will add a key word (TRAVEL versus PERFORMANCE) to each title to make it easier for readers. We'll see how this goes.

I am still committed to getting out the facts on training and performance, so for those of you interested in that focus, please keep an occasional eye on the blog and send me questions you might have.

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