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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TRAVEL - Where do I start?

You've already taken the first step  - you are reading this blog, thinking about biking somewhere new. And not just new roads from home, but traveling there. You may have a general idea - a place you've heard or read about. I find that many of my trip ideas come from people I have ridden with, or an interesting ride I find online while researching something else.  When you meet new riders, you generally get to talking about bike gear or food (where to stop for a snack or on the bike snacks) but a third common discussion is about places they (or their friends) have ridden.

So once you have a general idea, I have found Google a nice place to begin to firm up a plan. You not only can look at common routes on trips offered by commercial companies (usually bike friendly/low traffic volume if they are using them for their tours) but also get a sense of the time of year that is best for that area. If they run tours over several months, I will generally pick the middle of the season as statistically the best time. Too early and it can be wet/cold; too late and you have the issue of too hot if it is in the south.

The next decision is whether this is going to be self supported (you and a few friends) or are you going to go with a commercial company. If this is your first time, and you haven't been able to talk anyone else into signing on, a commercial company may make sense. It will get you to actually commit, I can guarantee you will  meet really interesting people (some of whom will become life long friends), and you won't have to worry about mechanical support if you have a breakdown.

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